Arabic Small Wonders - Large Strides in Reading Arabic

Online Resources

Scope and Sequence

Detailed breakdown of topics and grammar by level:
arrow Small Wonders scope and sequence (pdf)

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Three levels available!


Word Banks

Printable lists of core vocabulary for each level:
Level 1 Word Bank (pdf)
Level 2 Word Bank (pdf)
Level 3 Word Bank (pdf)


Printable activity worksheets for each title:
Level 1 Flowers Activity Worksheet (pdf)
Level 1 Hand Activity Worksheet (pdf)
Level 2 Bees Activity Worksheet (pdf)
Level 2 Eye Activity Worksheet (pdf)
Level 3 Dates Activity Worksheet (pdf)
Level 3 Hummingbird Activity Worksheet (pdf)

Useful Websites

Links for accessing a range of useful and informative websites helpful for developing skills and expanding knowledge:
Online bilingual English-Arabic, Arabic-English dictionary.
A basic introduction to the Arabic language. The site includes audio, key phrases, and a range of videos.
The official website of the American Association of Teachers of Arabic (AATA). Aims to promote study, criticism, research and instruction in the fields of Arabic language pedagogy, Arabic linguistics and Arabic literature.
The Arabic section of the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust in the UK. The site contains useful information concerning the teaching of Arabic in UK schools as well as the opportunity to join an email list for Arabic teachers.
This website for teachers of Arabic is run by an experienced professional and provides a wealth of resources and useful links.
A selection of resources from the University of London, including practical advice, articles and games that can be used in the classroom.
Electronic flashcards for language learning. Contains commercial packages for 70 languages as well as sets created and posted by a "community" of individuals.
A comprehensive online grammar reference.
Arabic version of Wikipedia.